No hidden fees or charges at the
West Newton Bicycle Shop.
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West Newton
We're proud of our rich history
and bright future.
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Customers First
Growing up in a small town instills
values in a person about treating
people fairly and with respect.
When you own a business in a
small town your survival depends
on it, a large portion of your
customer base are the same people
you interact with daily. If you don't
treat them right, you might lose a
friend and your business won't last.
So you can be confident when you
deal with West Newton Bicycle
Shop that you'll receive great
service while being treated
honestly and with courtesy.
A customer tries out his new bike
A full staff is ready to assist you and keep you rolling. We know bikes and bike
service, additionally we are enthusiasts. At big-box stores the person that
"helps" you with your bike, spends most of their day stocking toilet paper and
trail mix, our staff is stocked with knowledge and can take you on a trail tour.
We believe friendly helpful customer service doesn't stem from a uniform of
coordinated red shirts and tan pants but from a pleasant demeanor, knowledge,
and desire to share the joy of bicycling. Sometimes it's as simple as offering
advice on where to get a good bite to eat or fixing a child's flat for the price of a
thank you.
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West Newton Bicycle Shop Tip:
Make sure your bike is fully inspected and working properly before
hitting the road, your safety and comfort depend on it.
We offer tune-ups to keep you rolling safely and comfortably, check
out our
Service page.
We are located directly on the West Newton hub of the Great Allegheny
Passage, part of a continuous trail network connecting Pittsburgh, PA to
Washington D.C. through Cumberland, MD. In fact our parking lot connects to
the trail parking lot for easy access to our store and the trail. In addition, being
located in the heart of the business district provides you with many food,
shopping and service options during your visit with us or the start and stop of
your scenic trail ride.
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Bike Rentals
We have many rental options.
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Your Full Service Bicycle Shop - Sales, Service, Rentals, Accessories, Clothing, Safety Gear and More
July 4th
Christmas Eve
New Years Eve

Memorial Day &
Labor Day
8am - 2pm

West Newton
Bicycle Shop

106 West Main ST
West Newton, PA


Mon....... 10 - 7
Tues...... 10 - 7
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Sat.......... 9 - 6
Sun......... 9 - 5
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